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YAMAGATA INTECH was established in 1983 as a content production sector of YAMAGATA Corporation (founded in 1906). We have promoted overseas expansion since our establishment, and extended our production bases to Europe, the U.S., China, and Southeast Asia. We have continued to provide services including translation businesses as well as content production and system development that meet the demands of our customers in various countries.

In the modern age, the amount of information content that our customers handle has grown in complexity and capacity following the evolution of ICT and devices. For this reason, it is crucial that we provide proper information arranged for use in intended scenes as required. We seek to reform the current state with our technologies and knowledge which we have cultivated since our establishment as well as assist our customers in achieving enhanced information value in this age of diversity.

We aim to contribute to the development of customer companies and our society by providing various information and solutions as well as pursuing how true businesses should be in the modern age while continuing to be “a company that is needed by customers” through inherited traditions acquired through our 115 year history that began in Yokohama.

CEO and President
Kunihisa Iwama