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YAMAGATA INTECH was inaugurated in 1983 as a document production sector of YAMAGATA Corporation, which started business in 1906. Through our manual and specification production and translation, along with Web and system development pursuits that support these services, we have offered, since our inception, planning and proposal of solutions that connect end users to enterprises. We have promoted overseas expansion since the 1980's, and extended our production bases to Southeast Asia, the U.S., and China, starting with the launch of a translation hub in Belgium. Our business efforts have led us to enjoy business generating top-level translation sales in Asia every year.

In the modern internationalized world where products and markets deliver information far and wide, means and vehicles of information communication, including ways of using such methods, are becoming increasingly diverse and intricate. Toward the future, YAMAGATA INTECH will continue to widely promote the localization of all content that we produce at our global business bases, while at the same time pursuing every possible usability beyond typical manual production and capturing production in a broader perspective of information design--all for our mission to deliver services that fit the age as a communicator of comprehensive information to all people.

"From a company that communicates, to a company that delivers"
In keeping with our conviction that we should provide our customers with the expertise that we built on from dealing with numerous products and services, we will work to penetrate the diversified information society.

Jun Asada, CEO and President

Jun Asada
CEO and President