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Social Initiatives

Social Initiatives

The YAMAGATA Group acknowledges a corporation's responsibility to consider the environment while conducting business, and the slogan "We think of the environment in every aspect of our corporate activities," conveys our desire to become a more environment-friendly company.
In order to bring our customers satisfaction and relief in regards to our products, we maintain high quality standards, while at the same time incorporating measures which protect the environment, like obtaining forest certification (FSC).
Also, while carrying out our services, such as manual and specification production, translation, planning, web and system development, we handle important and sensitive client information. Therefore, recognizing the importance of appropriate security measures in order to protect all of our informational assets, we have obtained certification for our information security management system (ISMS).

Information Security Management

We are entrusted important information assets by our clients. In recognition of our corporate obligation to safeguard all of that information from loss, theft, improper disclosure, and unauthorized use, we have implemented appropriate security measures and obtained ISMS recognition.

Information Security Management System

Registered Business Registration Number Date Obtained
YAMAGATA INTECH Corporation Shinagawa Headquarters (Kitashinagawa Gotenyama Bldg.)
(S1, S3, Translation Business Dept., Staffing Services Dept.)
IS 509920

Date first obtained:

Date renewed:

YAMAGATA INTECH Corporation, Yokohama Office (YAMAGATA Building)
(Y1P, Y2P, Y4P, Y5P, Mobile Grp)
YAMAGATA INTECH (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Office
(Production, Translation)

Fundamental Information Security Principles

YAMAGATA INTECH Corporation provides an array of services, including inclusive document production that involve translation, digital content creation, web and system planning/development support, and temporary staffing services, as part of the YAMAGATA Group.

The information and goods entrusted to us by our clients, as well as the progress data and deliverables that are produced, are of crucial importance to our business. It is necessary that we protect these items from loss, theft, improper disclosure, unauthorized use, and other security breaches.

Therefore, we believe that as a corporation it is our social obligation to implement appropriate security measures, maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Our entire staff follows these fundamental principles.

We will continue to conduct our business in strict compliance with legislation, while establishing information security regulations and penalties, conducting adequate training, and working continuously to implement, review, and improve our policies.

September 1, 2006
Renewed in 2017

Jun Asada, CEO and President