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Privacy Policy

Based on a compliance program, YAMAGATA INTECH Corporation sets out a personal information protection policy and declares its execution for the purpose of managing and strictly protecting all personal information that becomes known in the course of our business operations.

  • Based on our compliance program, we strictly manage personal information during the course of our business operations.
  • To carry out our personal information protection policy, we assign a personal information protection officer and auditor for our business operations.
  • We take appropriate measures to protect personal information when providing or entrusting such information to external bodies.
  • At least once a year, we ensure and reinforce corporate-wide recognition of our personal information protection policy and conduct audits on how personal information is being protected within the company.
  • We established a permanent consultation desk for personal information protection-related matters.
  • YAMAGATA INTECH Corporation ensures that all employees and other members engaged in the company's operations fully understands the purpose and intent of this policy and that it will continue to make improvements in everyday undertakings.

Call us at 045-522-0870 for any questions and inquiries about personal information