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Business Activities
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Business Activities

At YAMAGATA INTECH Corporation, dedicated staff specializing in motor vehicles, audio-visual systems, computers, telecommunications equipment and other spheres offers optimal information design services. We also provide support at the design/specification design stages of UI, GUI, and IA (Information Architecture) productions.


We offer speedy completion of all work necessary in the production of instruction manuals for manufactured goods and services.

Translation and Localization

We have many years of experience in creating manuals that allow us to handle translations in a variety of fields.

Document Production System Development

We develop a multitude of software and systems to streamline and aid specification design as well as manual and document production.


We provide total solutions that can include anything from user interface designs for equipment, apps, or Web tools to the development and production of graphic designs and digital content.

Multilingual Personnel Staffing and Recruitment Services

We offer staffing services and recruiting support to industries that are considering to hire foreign or bilingual staff.

Products and Services

We deliver original products and services in many forms, including document production, translation, and business support.

Overseas Business Network

Our global bases are spread wide, from our main production bases, located predominately in Southeast Asia and China, to our translation services, based mainly in Europe, the U.S., Vietnam, and India.