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We design items such as catalogs, posters, leaflets, and product packaging, as well as digital content, including video clips, GUIs, websites, and more. When creating user interfaces for electronic equipment, applications, and web tools, we handle every aspect of their planning, design, and development.
Our process is based around human usability, pouring our efforts into making sure that the product and its contents are easy to use. We also offer a goal-setting support service to companies while they are in the planning stages by surveying users who are taking part in the planning and proposing UI designs that will suit the end users' needs.

Goal Setting

We hold a meeting with the client in order to understand their requirements, objectives, essential specifications, restrictions, available technologies, relevant stakeholders, market news, etc., and we help them to establish some concrete goals.

Service Options

  • Interviews with client
  • Business model analysis
  • Development of statement sheet

Observation and Assessment

We provide a clear vision of the actual usage of and problems experienced by the service users, as well as discovering their potential needs and desires, through observation and assessment.

Service Options

  • Ethnography
  • Customer journey map
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Usability evaluation
  • Work model analysis


We define the concept based on the identified goals and specifications. The concept begins taking shape through brainstorming and other constructive methods, and finally is formed into a wireframe for the UI.

Service Options

  • Brainstorming
  • Story board making
  • Plan proposal
  • Requirements specification
  • Development of wireframe

Graphic Design

Factoring in the client's goals and requests, as well as the users' perspectives, we handle everything from planning to location, creation, and printing for business-related print projects.


Business cards, calendars, product packaging, company newsletters, company brochures, catalogs, pamphlets, etc.

Digital Content Design

We offer interface and GUI designs that fit our clients' ideas and meet their specific needs. The digital content designs that we create effectively reach the targeted audience and provide easy and comprehensible navigation for site visitors with intuitive mechanisms.


  • GUI
  • Website development and renovation
  • Promotional sites
  • Membership database sites
  • e-learning sites for employees


We create a variety of video clips, including exhibition videos, event videos, and sales promotions, to name a few.


  • Exhibition videos (company and produce guides, etc.)
  • Presentation videos (sales promotions, product plans, etc.)
  • Digital books (sales promotions, product guides, etc.)

Human-centered Design

We have specialists in human-centered design certified by the Human Centered Design Organization (HCD-Net). We utilize a human-centered design process for product and system development in the information design fields in order to support our clients' development operations.

HCD-Net Human Centered Design Organization

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