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Translation and Localization

Through many years of experience in creating manuals, YAMAGATA INTECH has developed translation skills that allow us to handle translations in a variety of fields. Concerning translations, if the objective changes, the translators also change, and the translation style must also change. Making use of our network of overseas locations, our company supports more than 100 languages. And with the help of tools and systems provided by our development department, we can provide the best solutions for meeting your company's goals.

Translation Work Flow

A translation project can be costly and work intensive when making arrangements and reviews to ensure conformity to the detailed requirements of the company and the customs of the region for which it is intended. However, by converting this translation process into a system, high quality results can be attained even with a limited amount of time. It allows for the production of consistent localizations through all stages of planning, specifications confirmation, and manual development.

Translation Work Flow

Our Clients

Fields: automobiles, construction tools, machine tools, electronics, AV equipment, optical equipment, medical equipment, computers, software, mobile screens, educational materials, business information, entertainment
Targets: technical experts (technical terms), consumers (expression/phraseology)
Project types: catalogs, corporate information, manuals, data sheets, in-house documents, press releases, web content, user interface wording, contracts, blogs

Supported Languages

Europe and America

American English, British English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, and Croatian

Northern Europe

Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, and Danish

Eastern Europe

Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian


Japanese, Chinese (simplified, traditional), Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, Tagalog, Sinhalese, Burmese, and languages of India (Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil)

Middle East

Arabic, Persian, and Turkish


We work with standard DTP software such as FrameMaker and In-Design, and of course MS Office. To accommodate the growing needs for CMS documentation and electronic manuals, we also support HTML and XML file types. Concerning output formats of delivery data, we can deliver the file to you in the format of your choosing.

Examples of Deliverables

  • Excel files
  • PowerPoint files
  • Word files
  • Unicode text
  • XML data
  • INX or IDML files (In-Design)
  • MIF (FrameMaker)

Multiple Language Translation Consulting

Work Optimization

By having databases of technical terms and translation content under a comprehensive management system, work can be completed quickly with simple progress management. With the knowledge we have accumulated from our experience and achievements in dealing with a variety of projects, we can provide solutions that are best-suited to our clients, including new formats and improvements in application management systems.

Facilitating International Business

Knowledge about your target country's customs and expressions when you first attempt translation for foreign expansion is crucial--we offer precise advice and support you based on our wealth of such know-how. With our substantial network of overseas subsidiaries and affiliates, we support you through your business development as a reassuring partner.

Please consult us if you have any requests or inquiries. We offer total support through coordinated business.

QA Distiller: Translation Tool™

We apply proprietary and self-developed tools into the flow of translation work for shorter lead time and improved overall operating efficiency. QA Distiller™ is a tool that was developed by YEU (YAMAGATA EUROPE), a part of the YAMAGATA Group, to supplement human proofreading and reviewing for enhanced quality control. Its primary functions are to check for missing translation and garbled text and to ensure uniformity in formatting (colons, periods, parenthesis, quotation marks), conformity with the glossary, and correct numerical values. It is currently being used by a large number of translation companies.

Featured Site for QA Distiller™

ISO17100: 2015

The Translation Business Department is ISO17100:2015 (Translation services -- Requirements for translation services) certified (March 8, 2019).

ISO17100:2015 is an international standard that defines requirements for all translation processes to provide high quality translation services. With this certification, we can now provide translation services based on this international standard in the following classifications (Japanese-to-English and English-to-Japanese).

Translation Classification C: Technical documents, Manuals
Translation Classification E: Inbound documents, Marketing materials

We will strive to provide even better quality translation services.

* Not all translation services provided by YAMAGATA INTECH are ISO17100-compliant. If you would like a service that complies with ISO17100, please let us know when placing a request.

“Translation Buddy,” the machine translation system and service

“Translation Buddy” is YAMAGATA INTECH’s original machine translation system and service equipped with a neural machine translation engine. No software installation or setup is needed prior to use and it can be used in any location where there is Internet access. “Translation Buddy” will also help improve work efficiency because it is able to translate Microsoft Office files while preserving their original layout.

The Translation Buddy special site

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