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Production of Instruction Manuals and other Manuals

We offer the speedy completion of all things necessary to the production of instruction manuals. Our staff members, specializing in planning, proposals, editing, design, writing, illustration, and other skill sets work in an integrated system to meet our clients' requirements.
We also handle manual digitization and the conversion of documents to XML format, making it easy to support them across multiple media.

Instruction Manuals

We create user manuals and instruction manuals that are supplied with general products. Our services span from translation of technical writing in Japanese or English to other languages and developing text and illustrations based off specification documents to desktop publishing. We are dedicated to creating user-friendly manuals.

Technical Documents and Service Manuals

We produce manuals intended for engineers. Our specialized staff with expertise in mechanical and electrical systems develops service manuals, maintenance manuals, block diagrams, and parts lists, to name a few examples.

Audio-visual equipment
We produce user-friendly manuals for consumer products, such as TVs, audio equipment, home theaters, speakers, headphones, and many other audio and audio-visual systems.
Broadcast equipment
We create owner's manuals and service manuals for video equipment, monitors, and other devices used at broadcast stations.
Mobile devices
We create user manuals for a wide range of mobile devices in diverse output formats, including prints, Web-based documents, and product built-in apps, according to our clients' needs.
MFPs and general printers
We create manuals for general consumers, office use, and production with focus given to the specific features of various MFPs and general printers.
Medical equipment
We develop manuals for a multitude of medical equipment, covering everything from general user's guides for thermometers and other domestic-use medical items to operating manuals for specialized technical equipment.
Optical equipment
Our technical writer team, organized centering on Photo Master (qualification sponsored by MEXT) certified staff, points out issues in manuals and suggests improvements for better readability along with offering proposals well-founded on their sophisticated camera knowledge and techniques.
Machine tools and precision apparatuses
Our professional staff caters to domestic and international clients in the B2B markets for construction equipment, machine tools, railroad, and housing equipment, providing manuals in the best suitable media for the client's purpose and practical use.
Telecommunications devices
We offer manual production services for specific products, such as multi-function IP phones, routers, and PBX, as well as for network and system management applications.
Car audio and
car navigation systems
We produce user-friendly manuals for car audio and navigation systems.
Standard Business Procedures/
Business Manuals
Easily manage and operate business manuals and procedures used in the office. A total business manual service for improvement and production of business manuals for easy-to-understand digital contents.

Creating Manuals with Dedicated Professional Tools

Our clients have their own special needs and requirements.
Need user manuals for multiple devices with similar functions at the same time?
Want to make good use of previous product manuals?
Shorter lead time for multilingual manuals? Web-based and printed materials?
No problem! We have developed sophisticated tools to answer all these customer requests.

The more manuals to create, the longer the lead time will be, not to mention the increased complexity of content management and the challenges with respect to quality. Our ES System was developed just to solve those issues.
The ES System consolidates and manages common information in databases. By using these databases, manuals for multiple products can be simultaneously created with minimum man-hours spent.
The ES System is also designed to facilitate overall translation process, providing for a seamless translation management for multiple languages. Increasing data managed by the ES System also leads to reduced lead time and production costs.

We, at YAMAGATA INTECH, have multiple self-developed tools ready to provide our clients with the solutions best suited to their special requests.

How We Work

Planning and presentation

We make suggestions regarding media, formats, and concepts to our clients based on a good understanding of today's ever-evolving products and the needs of users. We also propose improvement plans for existing manuals based on analyses from different aspects, including marketing and usability.

Technical and general writing

According to the field of your business and purpose, our professional writers with good technical knowledge and expressive skills closely coordinate with the translation section to deliver quality translation and localization. We can translate into more than 40 different languages, regardless of the field.
Translation and Localization

Technical Illustrations

We provide accurate and easy-to-understand illustrations of products from a chosen selection of blueprints and photographs. No matter what your line of business is, we offer the most suitable visual representation for your product.

Editing and Design

Editing is concerned with the arrangement and organization of various materials, including texts, illustrations, and photographs. The actual documentation of data for specific media is an essential process in manual production. Only precise direction, thorough meetings, and cultivation of a mutual understanding can ensure the development of high-quality data.

Affiliate of the Technical Communicators Association

YAMAGATA INTECH is an affiliate of the Technical Communicators (TC) Association As specialists, we make daily efforts to refine our communication skills, organizing information for easier understanding.
Technical Communicators Association

Technical Prowess with Proven Quality

We have won awards for excellence for many years in Manual Contests organized by the TC Association. Our ability to deliver the values and features of manufactured goods to users also brings us high levels of appreciation from manufacturers.

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