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Audio-visual equipment

We, at YAMAGATA INTECH, produce user-friendly manuals for consumer products, such as TVs, audio equipment, home theaters, speakers, headphones, and many other audio and audio-visual systems.
Our focus lies in an easy-to-read layout and page composition that adds to the excitement of using a new item, which we also identify as an essential function of paper-based media. For online manuals, we pursue topic-oriented writing in keeping with our core principle of being able to find and use what you are looking for right away. We are also equipped with well-established localization know-how and advanced systems that allow us to simultaneously translate into more than 40 languages. To support the users' comprehension and usability, our experienced writers with good knowledge of products direct and handle our production with an awareness of the most recent trends.

Supporting a Diverse Range of Products and Media

We deal with manuals for a broad range of both audio and audio-visual products, which include sporty wearable devices, smartphone app help, accessories, and set-up manuals.

Product Groups

TVs, blu-ray disk recorders, home theaters, component audio, car audio, radios, portable audio, speakers, headphones, personal computers, digital paper, smartphone apps, and more

Planning and Presentation

We carefully select media for the manual based on users' intended interaction with the manual. For example, a paper-based manual can be provided to be used when the user is getting used to their new product as well as a built-in manual that the user can easily and quickly refer to at hand when they are more familiar with the product. We make plans and proposals on a case-by-case basis according to target user base and literacy. Building a close cooperative relationship with our clients, we offer proposals that realize the envisioned manual.


Many unplanned events may occur in the course of manual production. An operating prototype may not be available due to curtailed development time. Specifications may be modified each time there is a change in the development situation. Even in case of such events, we develop the manual based on our careful prediction and review of what information users will need and consultations with the client's designer.

English Documentation

Many products require localization to a variety of languages--therefore, we write in English first, instead of making a springboard English translation from Japanese. With localization in mind, we author the original English document in a way that is clearly and accurately translatable to other languages.

Multilingual Production

We take maximum advantage of our database systems and translation aid tools to enable us simultaneous translation to many different languages. We also pursue and sustain translation quality via accurate data creation with care taken during the authoring in English to ensure accurate terminology translation.

Effective Use of Content

Utilizing our dedicated database system, we established a framework that allows us to apply a single source to multiple uses in built-in XML manual and Web-based HTML manual production, as well as enabling shared content development for multiple models.

Quality Management

Meeting our clients' strict compliance requirements, we manage our production work flow and review process.
By identifying the production criteria and defaults, we develop and improve on the infrastructure of our everyday production environment to achieve every kind of production stably and quickly.

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