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Broadcast equipment

We create owner's manuals and service manuals for video equipment, monitors, and other devices used at broadcast stations. A specialized staff is organized for each project to author manual texts from interviews with designers, specifications, and reviews of the actual product. We have also established content management systems (CMS) for enhanced work efficiency and quality.
We also support the creation of videos for exhibitions and promotional materials other than manuals. As part of our wide-ranging services, we deliver all forms of content for professional equipment with service support based on our expert product knowledge for your B2B needs.

Owner's Manuals

We offer a one-stop service from technical writing in Japanese or English to localization to other languages, leveraging our in-house developed XML-based system to streamline the translation process. One of our strengths lies in the close coordination with our production bases situated around the world. We respond to our domestic and international clients' needs swiftly and meticulously.

Service Manuals

Our staff with electrical and mechanical expertise creates service manuals for professional cameras, switchers, and other highly technical products. The manual production process involves actually taking apart and re-assembling the actual model supplied by the client, which provides us with the perspective of service engineers who are the intended users of the manual. We use the client's CAD data to produce not only illustrations, but also expressive, easy-to-follow animations that explain the disassembly and assembly procedures. We also have experience using DITA-based content management systems as a production tool.

Promotional Materials

Applying our rich product knowledge cultivated through manual production experience, we also create catalogs and videos for promotional purposes. In most cases, our clients have separate organizations dealing with manuals and promotional goods. We can bridge them and mutually incorporate the latest information into the deliverables for both departments.

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