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Optical equipment

We develop manuals for digital cameras, digital video cameras, and camera accessories.
Our technical writer team, organized centering on Photo Master (qualification sponsored by MEXT) certified staff, points out issues in manuals and suggests improvements for better readability along with offering proposals well-founded on their sophisticated camera knowledge and techniques.
We support various aspects of your business with our extensive translation know-how built on our experience with localizing camera manuals into more than 40 languages and through our English writing expertise that improves translation quality.

Our Products (Paper-based and Electronic Versions)


  • Digital camera user manual
  • Digital video camera user manual
  • Camera accessory user manual
  • Binocular user manual
  • Image editor user manual

* Please contact us for information on other optical equipment.

Translation Service

Translation and Localization

Staff Includes Photo Masters and Technical Communicators

Our staff consists largely of Photo Masters certificate holders, who are certified for their expert knowledge of photography and cameras, and Technical Communicators, who are certified by JTCA for advanced technical writing skills. Teamed with veteran technical writers with more than 8 years of camera-related manual production, our staff members work as a whole to deliver high-quality camera manuals.

English Technical Writers with Extensive Camera Manual Production Experience

We, at YAMAGATA INTECH, can provide English technical writing based on outlines, specifications, and other related documents. Since the localization to other languages will be based off the English original, we consider the quality of the source English manual to be a crucial factor in ensuring successful localization. Our in-house proofreaders, who are native English speakers, check the translations, including collocation and standardized expressions. We also have in place internal English writing rules to ensure quality technical writing.

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