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Telecommunications devices

We offer manual production services for specific products, such as multi-function IP phones, routers, and PBX, as well as for network and system management applications. Our one-stop solutions support all processes surrounding manual production, covering text development from specifications, illustration arrangements from text, and DTP. Projects are directed by seasoned staff with expert knowledge of telecommunications devices. We also cater to the implementation of manual development using an automated typesetting system.

Proposing Manual Composition and Creating Documents from Specifications

We can create manuals for telecommunications devices based on specifications and actual model review.
According to our client's requests, we offer suggestions on optimal manual composition, including the application of a single source to multiple uses, and ways to manage manuals as part of our extensive service.

Illustrations for Manuals

By understanding the characteristics of the telecommunications device from the actual model and 3D CAD drawings, we can create and provide easy-to-understand illustrations to go with the description text.

Desktop Publishing and Automated Typesetting

We can offer total support from the creation of templates using requested applications to desktop publishing.
We also have DITA standard automated typesetting to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Manuals for telecommunications devices can be easily customized and output for the system configuration, the intended region and user group.

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