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Machine tools and precision apparatuses

We create manuals for domestic and international customers in B2B markets, involving construction equipment, machine tools, railroads, housing equipment, and more.
Our range of manual production covers manuals in various media for optimal usability in your environment, including conventional paper-based manuals, product built-in manuals, and Web browser-based manuals.
We use production techniques and methodologies that realize the best QCD efficiency, which covers table of contents composition to technical writing by our specialist staff.
We also provide consulting services for developing user guides that conform to IEC and ISO standards as well as other relevant international laws and regulations.

Supporting a Diversity of Manuals

Construction Machinery Manuals

Our services cover a wide range of support, including rewriting of designer's English text, multilingual translation, and DITA implementation.

Machine Tool Manuals

Automated typesetting is available for bilingual formatting for different manual types, such as operation, programming, and maintenance. This feature significantly reduces localization lead time.
We also use technical terms and UI teams in databases, which suppresses wording inconsistencies even in high-volume translations.

Railroad Manuals

Our optimized tools and systems support the completion of massive amounts of documentation, through all phases of documentation from editing and rewriting to illustration creation.

Housing Equipment Manuals

We provide localization services for catalogs, handbooks, and manuals, to support your business abroad.
Upon localizing into other languages, we carefully select the design, writing style, composition of the table of contents, and other aspects in the base language documentation with a view to easier reading by users and development by creators.

Machinery Manuals

We have extensive experience with parts catalogs and other documents with an enormous number of pages. While some projects require much time to maintain the Japanese documents, which also makes them difficult to localize into other languages, we can contribute to a shorter lead time by applying system tools and modifying the work process.

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