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Mobile devices

Our professional team specializing in the development of manuals for mobile devices delivers instruction manuals and user guides for a broad variety of mobile devices--typically smartphones, feature phones, tablets, and routers--with diverse outputs, including printed materials, Web-based documents, and built-in apps, to suit your needs.
We also provide manual localization services and UI support for mobile devices. As an early implementer of XML data-based production and automated typesetting, we cater to your needs and requirements with well-established quality methodologies and speedy support.

Mobile Devices


We create user manuals for Android smartphones. Manuals can be written from specifications or just based on the actual product. We supply deliverables in all formats, including booklets and leaflets.

Feature phones

We create user manuals for feature phones by reading through the specification documents in their entirety and compile the necessary information into a user manual. One of our previous projects involved more than 1,000 pages per model.

Senior and Kids' Cell Phones

We create user manuals for cell phones according to the age group of the intended users. Specifically, we create DVD manuals and quick operation guides ("Easy Manual") that feature many screen captures and illustrations. For kids' phones, we use expressions and descriptions that are easy to understand for the target age group. We mindfully respond to the targeted user base's needs.


We create user manuals for tablets. Likewise smartphone manuals, we can also author tablet manuals from specifications or just based on the actual product.

Mobile/Wi-Fi Routers and Femto Cells

We create user manuals for small telecommunications equipment for mobile users, as well as operating manuals for femto cells. Because the equipment is relatively small in size, the manuals must also be compact enough to pack with the product--we offer composition proposals that ensure such a balance.

Help Apps

Smartphone Help App

We create built-in apps (including content) for Android smartphones. Drawing from information in the user manual, we embed the helpful functions after reviewing the Android Intents for function access. The development of DoCoMo's Shabette Concier, a 'talking' Help function, is one of our first projects in this area.

Tablet Help App

We create built-in apps for tablets. Taking advantage of the larger display of tablets, we pursue the best balance of optimal readability and operability. Likewise smartphone built-in apps, we also provide full support for function access.

Feature Phone How-to-Use Guide

We create built-in manuals for feature phones. Our projects in this area include, for example, DoCoMo's How-to-Use Guide, where we first identified and extracted the parts from the paper-based user manual that should be carried on the mobile device and determined the total volume. We also took great care in the composition of the manual, optimizing it so that it would be best suited for being used on mobile devices, which is a different experience from reading paper or Web-based manuals.

App Help for Smartphones

We create Help functions for smartphone apps by composing instructions and explanations provided by means of Help, tutorials, and tips using appropriate description and with consideration given to what the users need to know. The design will, of course, take into account the unique visibility characteristics of smartphones.

HTML Manuals for Tablets

We create HTML-based user manuals that are primarily read on tablets. After reviewing the ideal design, layout, font size, and other readability characteristics for the device's display, we can deliver an HTML manual in the optimal style.

Multilingual Production

We also support languages other than English and Japanese. In our localization process, our native speaker staff authors and reviews the documents to ensure that local users can clearly understand the content of the manual. Not only from English, we can also develop localized manuals from Japanese originals without any problems.

User Interface Translation and Review

Our services include user interface translation and review of apps for smartphones and feature phones. In addition to a good selection of terminology and the elimination of inconsistencies, we also set rules for the user interface so as to accurately and adequately communicate information to the users while conforming to the text size limitations.

Client Support

We also provide support to our manufacturer clients. Our services include being a business agent and contact for the client representative, production progress management, and other support depending on your needs. We even cater to carrier-specific requirements with our established know-how and attentive considerations.

On-site Work

At our client's request, we provide production services at the client's site. In addition to tasks closely related to manual production, we can also create mobile device specifications and wording specifications in the early stages of development.

XML Data Editing

By using XML format for production data, we can deliver multiple different outputs--paper and Web-based documents, built-in apps, etc.--from a single source. A consolidated management of sources can prevent inconsistencies among output types, not to mention that it can reduce costs.

Automated Typesetting

We offer automated typesetting using our original systems. The automation of the desktop publishing process contributes to reduced labor and lead time, which overall bolsters speedy production.

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