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MFPs and general printers

The product features of MFPs and general printers vary depending on the application, specifically, whether they are for general consumers, office use, or production. Naturally, they also have different uses and are intended for different users. We, at YAMAGATA INTECH, develop manuals in each category according to the product features.
Having supported the printer industry for many years, our professional team specializing in printers offers an extensive range of services that cover everything from the production and digitization of user manuals, service manuals, and other manuals, to the development of FAQs and movie content. We also reflect our analysis of customer calls in the manual production, ensuring a close approximation to actual market demand.

User's Manuals

Planning and Composition

The intended users and the information to be provided vary by product. At YAMAGATA INTECH, we offer suggestions regarding the composition of the manual, the medium/media to provide the manual in, and other methodologies according to the product.

Manual Production

We deliver user-friendly manuals through our one-stop service, which include the authoring of the manuals based on the specifications and the interviews about the actual model, creation of illustrations, and desktop publishing.
During the entire process, we also identify any elements that remain unclear through careful inspection of the contents.
In cases where Japanese documents are unnecessary, we produce English originals for optimized manual creation.

Service Manuals

We develop disassembly procedures, illustrations, wiring diagrams, and parts catalogs based on the provided CAD data and/or the actual model. Recently, an increasing number of clients are considering the adoption of DITA. We offer a broad overall support, ranging from a review of data migration to data entry and operations.

Movie and Video Clips

Some operations on a printer or MFP can be difficult to explain with just text or illustrations. In such cases, we can use motion pictures to guide users to be able to perform specific operations and troubleshooting. In addition to filming and editing, we also study the rendering and filming settings.


Making efficient use of the product knowledge and data that we developed in the process of manual production, we create FAQ content that users can turn to to help them address and resolve their problems. We work to contribute to increasing customer loyalty for our clients through improvements in content transition, addition of necessary content, page design that promotes sales, and other implementations based on access history analysis.

Call Analyses

We organize and classify users' voices for trend analyses, which we use to improve product development and production information, such as manuals, catalogs, and webpages). Particularly in the case of MFPs, identification of problems has become more difficult due to the increasing number and diversity of functions and applications. We also offer analyses and proposals on how to group the functions and applications.


MFP manuals have a great number of pages and are often translated into many different languages. We, at YAMAGATA INTECH, use TRADOS in order to permit having many local translators work on the translation at the same time. We also deal with projects challenged with short delivery time. We use QA Distiller to supplement quality improvement. We can also author English text and translate in parallel.

Production of Electronic Manuals

We have developed proprietary systems to aid us in the efficient production of manuals. With the use of the above systems, we support diverse data formats, including PDF and HTML, as well as means of communication and content delivery unique to iPad and smartphone devices.

One-stop Service to Cover Other Media Types and Printing

We use illustrations and data created during the course of manual production to create catalogs and other information media. Our affiliate, YAMAGATA JAPAN Corporation, can further provide printing and bookmaking services from the data we developed.

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