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Standard Business Procedures/Business Manuals

Working Style Manual is a total business manual service that supports your working style through easy management and operation of business manuals and procedures used daily in the office, as well as improvement and production of business manuals for easy-to-understand digital contents. Business is becoming more global, more diverse, and more complex. For companies performing working style reform, streamlining workflow production, digitization, and consolidation of shared knowledge are all important. In this day and age, maintenance and digitization of business manuals are urgent needs when expanding company activities. Working Style Manual provides one-stop support starting from documents with survey, production, management, and operation of your working style. And for companies expanding globally, we support translation, management, and recycling of business manuals. We back up your company's reform with a variety of services.

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Supporting workstyle reform starting from documents

"We have to train a wide variety of employees over a short period of time for increasing locations and global expansion." "We need to rapidly digitize manuals that were previously operated individually with no maintenance." These days, sharing knowledge through business manuals is becoming more important for the workplace. For rapidly expanding industries that require reform, Working Style Manual enables streamlining of workflow production, digitization, and consolidation of shared knowledge. Workstyle reform required by companies. We provide support starting from manuals.

All the services required for business manuals in one place

Are you pressed daily with updating manuals created in Word and Powerpoint, or troubled by considerations of HTML and other digital needs? With Workstyle Manual, professional analysts (professionals in human-centric design) and manual writers perform surveys for optimal usability. A professional manual production team digitalizes your manuals and makes them easier to understand. They also produce new manuals from scratch, handling analysis, production, and digitization. In addition, we provide systems for updating and distribution in the office. Working Style Manual provides total support for everything from analysis and production to operation, distribution, and inspection.

Working Style Production

Technical writers on a specialized business manual production team produce easy-to-understand manuals from scratch just for your company. They also completely handle digitization and conversion of large manuals that are currently being operated. The specialized team arranges the content, rewrites, and converts it to HTML. Manual data is stored in the "Working Style Editor", so your company can continue maintenance and operation on your own. We have prominent translation experience in Japan. We provide total backup for localization of manuals.

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Working Style Editor

Easily edit and produce manuals with the "Working Style Editor". With intuitive UIs and simple functions, workflow is no problem. You can easily make HTML manuals. The editor has optimal version control management functions for long-term development and operation of manuals, including simultaneous editing and authorization settings for operation by multiple users, and multiple language editing functions that are useful for translation. You can also recycle content from old versions and other manuals for production, making streamlined and optimal database management possible.

Working Style Survey

This service does more than create manuals. It offers surveys for providing optimal manuals for your company's workflow. Professionals and writers in human-centric design survey the situation and environment in which your company's manuals are produced and used. They extract issues through observation, hearings of members, and evaluation of documents. The editors also propose and apply improvements for contents, configuration, and workflow.

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You can try the Working Style Editor for free.

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