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Products and Services

At YAMAGATA INTECH, we develop and offer original products and services related to documentation--production systems, translation support tools, educational e-learning content for car mechanics, information management tools for catalog development, text-to-speech service centered on inbound marketing, and B2B sales tools using augmented reality technology, to name a few.

Working Style Manual

"We have to train a wide variety of employees over a short period of time for increasing locations and global expansion." "We need to rapidly digitize manuals that were previously operated individually with no maintenance." These days, sharing knowledge through business manuals is becoming more important for the workplace. For rapidly expanding industries that require reform, Working Style Manual enables streamlining of workflow production, digitization, and consolidation of shared knowledge. Workstyle reform required by companies. We provide support starting from manuals.

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eTOOLBOX is a teaching tool that prepares learners for the automobile mechanic certification examination. It is primarily intended to be used by instructors so that they can operate the system and project visual aid during lectures. The system is designed and developed based on the full textbooks issued by Japan Automobile Service Promotion Association (JASPA) and Japan Automobile Maintenance Colleges Association (JAMCA), and visually communicates the structural and operational aspects of automobiles and maintenance using technical 2D and 3D animations. This one-of-a-kind system not only ensures accurate expression of information, but also achieved vast improvement over conventional lectures, which relied on verbal and written explanations.

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ExPub Package Inserts

You can easily and automatically generate a Word file and an SGM file of package inserts that meet PMDA requirements simply by entering text using your familiar Excel interface.

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A comprehensive HTML manual with a search engine can be generated automatically using only simple text entries in Excel. Build a database for extended multi-model and multi-language support!

(Featured Site: ExPub_HTML)

ExPub_HTML Automatic Generating System+Word

Generates Word and PDF files typeset for printing on the desktop from the csv file that is the same as the HTML manual generated with ExPub_HTML (each takes only several minutes). The table of contents and reference pages are also automatically generated with links applied.

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QA Distiller

If you need to know how good a translation really is, QA Distiller can help you. QA Distiller objectively analyses translations and gives you an overview of possible mistakes. Amongst other things, QA Distiller is able to detect issues like missing numbers or extra brackets. It also knows how numbers or quotation marks should be formatted in more than 70 languages.

So even for languages you don't speak, you can produce an objective translation quality report.

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Voice Code Uni-Voice

Uni-Voice is a 2D bar code developed by the Japan Association for the Visually-impaired Information Support (JAVIS). Supported by cell phones, it allows for recording nearly 800 characters of text data. A user photographs the voice code using the camera on their cell phone, which reads the text data and enables the user to view and save the data. Used with smartphones and several cell phone models from carriers NTT DoCoMo (Raku-Raku Phone Basic 3) and au (Simple Phone), Uni-Voice delivers voice, text, and multilingual information. Uni-Voice is expected to expand its domains of use in support of the Act on the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities, which is to be promulgated in 2016, and as a foundational universal design technology for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Visit Japan Project.

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