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Products and Services

At YAMAGATA INTECH, we develop and offer original products and services related to documentation--production systems, translation support tools, educational e-learning content for car mechanics, information management tools for catalog development, text-to-speech service centered on inbound marketing, and B2B sales tools using augmented reality technology, to name a few.

“Translation Buddy,” the machine translation system and service

“Translation Buddy” is YAMAGATA INTECH’s original machine translation system and service equipped with a neural machine translation engine. No software installation or setup is needed prior to use and it can be used in any location where there is Internet access. “Translation Buddy” will also help improve work efficiency because it is able to translate Microsoft Office files while preserving their original layout.

The Translation Buddy special site

Working Style Manual

"We have to train a wide variety of employees over a short period of time for increasing locations and global expansion." "We need to rapidly digitize manuals that were previously operated individually with no maintenance." These days, sharing knowledge through business manuals is becoming more important for the workplace. For rapidly expanding industries that require reform, Working Style Manual enables streamlining of workflow production, digitization, and consolidation of shared knowledge. Workstyle reform required by companies. We provide support starting from manuals.

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