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Foreign Personnel Staffing and Recruitment Support

We offer staffing service and recruiting support to enterprises considering the employment of foreign personnel. Drawing on our recruitment experience as a company that engages in multi-language development of overseas product manuals, we have an abundant pool of human resources that are well-versed in the ways of both Japanese and other countries. We provide and refer foreign talent to a variety of enterprises.

Today, more and more companies are recruiting and employing non-nationals as regular employees and temp staff. In an international setting, people of diverse nationalities work for the same business goal in the shared work environment. There is an enormous potential in what such inter-cultural communication environment can hold. If you are considering recruitment of foreign personnel, please contact us at the following number. We will send you an introductory guide. We also answer questions about visa and other employment concerns.

For non-national applicants, we have ready a registration service for our staffing and recruitment system. Regardless of your nationality, background, or age, any competent foreign person can register with us at no charge. After registration has been completed, our consultant will send you job information relevant to your preferences and previous work/academic experiences. So be sure to register with YAMAGATA INTECH's staffing and recruitment service!

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