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About This Website

The YAMAGATA INTECH website (hereafter "Website") is controlled and managed by YAMAGATA INTECH Corporation (hereafter "YAMAGATA INTECH"). Visitors are considered to have agreed to the following content when using this Website.
Please note that the contents may be changed without prior notice.


YAMAGATA INTECH does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information contained on this Website. As such, YAMAGATA INTECH does not take any responsibility for errors that may be included in the Website.
The information appearing on this Website may be changed without prior notice.
Additionally, if visitors happen to incur damage due to use of information on this Website, YAMAGATA INTECH shall in no way be liable for those damages.

Copyrights and Other Intellectual Rights

All content, illustrations, logos, pictures, video, software, and other content displayed on the website are under the copyright of YAMAGATA INTECH or of their respective third parties.
With the exception of duplication for personal use and usage that adheres to the Japanese copyright law, copying, altering, distributing, and/or broadcasting of any material from the website without the consent of YAMAGATA INTECH or its third parties is strictly prohibited.

Use and Protection of Personal Information

Follow the link below to access our Personal Information Protection Policy.
Personal Information Protection Policy

Links on the Website

If you agree to the following, you can link this Website to any commercial or non-profit sites, intranet, or any other media.
In general, unless special permissions are granted, you can only use the URL of the Website's main page (https://www.yamagata-intech.jp/). Please contact us in advance if you wish to link to any other pages.

We do not accept links from the following types of sites:

  • Websites that defame or slander YAMAGATA INTECH or any of our group companies, their officers or employees
  • Websites that defame or slander the business of YAMAGATA INTECH or any of our group companies
  • Websites that provide illegal information or content disturbing public order
  • Websites that open the link in a frame or otherwise embeds our webpage, hampering or compromising the visitors' recognition that they are viewing our Website
  • Other links that YAMAGATA INTECH deems inappropriate

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The following environment is recommended for viewing this website.
Depending on your security software and network settings, some parts of the website may not be available.

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